Monday, May 30, 2016

Interchangeable City Surface Modules of Detroit and Stockholm 04.3 @ In_Sight On_Site: Beyond Function @ the American Institute of Architects, San Francisco Chapter

An exhibit at the American Institute of Architects, San Francisco Chapter. As they say, it's "an opportunity for architects and designers to showcase their talents beyond their design concepts for the built environment. Through this curated exhibition, AIASF aims to highlight the richness and diversity of the local interdisciplinary design community." With:

Paul Baird, Carol Inez Charney, Morgan Conolly, Mary Anne Cradeur, Mallory Scott Cusenbery, Thom Faulders, Future Cities Lab, Adam Marcus, Marmol Radziner, Jeremy Mende, Topaze Moore, Daniel Morago, Chris Naughton, Max Pierson, Brian Singer, Joshua Singer, Steven Steinberg, Monica Tiulescu, Clark Thenhaus, Mahsa Vanaki, Sherry Williamson, Daniel Winterich.