Friday, August 7, 2015

NOPLACELAND of NOQUO of DesignInquiry 2015

My contribution (remotely, I'm afraid) to DesignInquiry's collaborative project NOQUO on the island of Vinalhaven, Maine.

My project is a story (about an island that is actually many islands all occupying the same place (with images and maps)), that is really about making stuff and how the place in the story and maps is really connected to other people and places and times and how we tend not to see that because we are really very committed to the way the world appears to us.


The final outcome is a small publication, yet to be printed, but can be viewed here.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Presentation and workshop at "Mapping Ephemeralities / Ephemeral Cartographies", Rio de Janeiro

I will be presenting my projects "Ad Hoc Atlas" and "Typographic Typologies" and conducting a small workshop at "Mapping Ephemeralities / Ephemeral Cartographies", The International Cartographic Association commissions on Art & Cartography and on Maps and Society, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. August 2015. 

My proposed project is to share my theoretical research into the construction of urban space through graphic semiotic functions as well as two ongoing investigations which serve both as vehicles for the theoretical work and examples of how the method of mapping can be used as a critical narrative.

"Typographic Typologies Detroit: Node 1, Midtown", 2014.
"Typographic Typologies Detroit: Node 2, Corktown", 2014.
"Typographic Typologies Detroit: Node 3, Dabl's Gallery", 2014.