Monday, June 17, 2013

Ad Hoc Atlas: Volume Two, Version One: Montréal and Berlin, at Nordes 2013

My book the "Ad Hoc Atlas: Volume Two, Version One: Montréal and Berlin", was displayed at the exhibition at the 5th Nordic Design Research Conference: Nordes '13: Experiments in Design Research: Expressions, Knowledge, Critique, Copenhagen, Denmark. The book is an Iris printed, 163 page, hand sewn, coverless (theoretically, it is unfinished) book of experimental design research projects conducted in Montréal and Berlin with DesignInquiry (in Montréal and Berlin of course). It is part of a larger ongoing project, The Ad Hoc Atlas.

View most of the book (photo documentation.)
View the whole book (readable.)

Coverless cover. The Ad Hoc Atlas is an unending series of prototypes. 
View of layered Montréal. 1920s industry atlas, GIS tracks of dérives through the city, traffic congestion, 3D monuments in situ.

Chapter opener: historic map layers, GIS tracks of dérives through the city, geolocated images of design artifacts.

Documentation: snapshots of Berlin's semiosphere at various times.

Illustration of semiographic metabolic readings.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Paper presentation at CAA 2013

“Towards an Open Source Model for Design Research” co-presented with Christopher Moore of Concordia University at the CAA (College Art Association) Annual Conference, New York, NY. February 2013.

Presentation of case study of my research project “Ad-Hoc Atlas” and it’s outcomes as part of ““Design Cities Berlin” with DesignInquiry.

View the paper here.

From the Ad Hoc Atlas Berlin, "Model of Berlin Prototype Semiospheric Metabolic Reader displaying continuous feed sample data", 2013