Monday, March 7, 2016

“Creating Landscape Fictions as Narrative in Digital Space: The ‘Interchangeable City Surface Modules of Detroit and Stockholm’” at 10th Annual Indiana University Landscape, Space, and Place Conference

A presentation of the video "Interchangeable City Surface Modules 04-2" at the small yet mighty Indiana University Landscape, Space, and Place Conference.

The video was created in its first version as part of an exhibition installation at Nordes 2015. This project hacks representations of geographic space constructing new (and impossible) landscapes that question perceptions of time and space and ask that we consider how a map is a landscape and how a landscape is many places and times. The video integrates and layers historical maps and 3D models to create a virtual and conceptual landscape that shapes an urban space as semiotic, diachronic, and diageographic. It is a landscape of two cities, connected through structural (in the formal not physical sense) mechanisms and are ultimately interchangeable via certain nodes and attractors. The video continues to evolve into new forms creating systems by which the two cities are inextricably interconnected.

It is a continuous work in progress.

Scene from Interchangeable City Surface Modules 04-2 from Joshua Singer on Vimeo.